Things to do in Ubatuba

Do not know what to do in Ubatuba? Come to the inn Todas as Luas Hotel Beach Lodge, our staff will help you make the most of the natural beauties and activities in our beautiful city.

Ubatuba is inhabited in only 20% of all its territory, being 80% composed by the lush Atlantic forest, that hides beautiful trails, beaches and waterfalls.

We are in the largest and most conserved set of Atlantic forest in the country and in terms of biodiversity the Atlantic Forest is the richest forest in the world, housing an incalculable number of species of Brazilian flora and fauna. There are more than 200 species of birds, some of them are frequently sighted inside the inn.

In Ubatuba there are several activities related to ecotourism, fun, culture, shopping, gastronomy.

  • Diving in Ubatuba
  • Beaches Badaladas de Ubatuba
  • Beaches in Ubatuba
  • Ubatuba Islands
  • Boat Tours (Schooner, Sailboats and motorboats) in Ubatuba
  • Sightseeing
  • Things to Do in Ubatuba
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  • The Byke in Matheran
  • Traditional Festivals in Ubatuba
  • Aquarium of Ubatuba
  • Tamar Ubatuba Project
  • Bikes - Montain Bike in Ubatuba - North trail rides (partnership - linking building)
  • Tourism companies in Ubatuba (partnerships - linking building)
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