Meet Itamambuca the most beautiful beach near Sao Paulo

Itamambuca is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and is a few hours from the city of São Paulo. We are in Ubatuba, a city that has more than 100 beautiful beaches. At our lodge beach hotel you will be nestled in the Atlantic Forest and only 600 meters from the beach. Whether you are a nature lover, ecotourist or surfer, Itamambuca is the perfect beach.

The Itamambuca beach in Ubatuba is one of the most sought after in the entire coast of São Paulo, Itamambuca has special pieces for each public type:

Itamambuca Family Beach

If you are looking for tranquility, few people on the beach and a quieter sea with a stream that flows into the sea, the best place for you is the left corner of the beach. The left corner of the Itamambuca beach has large trees that provide a natural shade, ideal place for children to play free.


The right corner of the beach of Itamambuca is the most disputed spot on the beach, where the busiest points are concentrated, surf school, bars and national and international surfing championships. Waves with power and constancy make the right corner of the beach of Itamambuca an ideal place for surfing, both for experienced athletes and for those who want to learn to surf.

Equipped with a stunning view that the river meets the sea and the mountains in the background, they make the right corner of the beach of itamambuca one of the most charming and coveted points of Ubatuba, the most beautiful beaches near São Paulo.