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Inside the Hotel Beach Lodge Todas as Luas Itamambuca Beach you will findo ne of the better restaurants in, click here and know more about beach gastronomy near from São Paulo.



In our Hotel Beach Lodge at the Itamambuca Beach – Ubatuba – near from São Paulo you can enjoy a whirlpool, relaxing in a paradisiacal view in the treetops, exotic birds, is also a part of our guests routine.



We offer different types of massages: relaxing, invigorating and therapeutic, always aiming to exceed the expectations of our guests. Massages can be scheduled directly at our reception.

Yoga Meditacao

Yoga and Meditation – Ubatuba – São Paulo

We have a space designed for stretching, meditation and Yoga. On a charming wooden deck, surrounded by native trees, to the sound of birds, you will be relaxing surrounded by the Atlantic forest.



With several beneficial effects for health our sauna is used by guests to complement our stay and to be at peace, rested and in harmony...

Observacao Passaros

Bird Watching

We are in one of the most preserved pieces of Atlantic forest and in the inn and restaurant all the moons - beach of itamambuca you can observe a great diversity of birds like Tiê Sangue, Saíra 7 Cores, Maritacas, Hawks and Canaries.


Walking and watching

Ubatuba is a beach of itamambuca, inside the condominium SAI that counts on trails of easy access for walks with total security.

Datas Especiais

Exclusive conditions for special dates

  • Honeymoon
  • Wedding Anniversary (Weddings)
  • Special Events
  • Groups

This everything and much more on a paradisiac beach near São Paulo



The Hotel/Beach Lodge All Luas offers fun for all ages, next to our restaurant we have a playground and a play house for the children to play while their families enjoy our gastronomic delights.

Aluguel Biciletas

Bicycle Rental

You and your family can make the most of the natural beauties of the beach of Itamambuca and Ubatuba, in the hotel/beach lodge and restaurant Todas as Luas you can rent a bike and do walks that will enchant you, know deserted beaches by closed trails, or simply stroll along the beach Itamambuca.

Itamambuca is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and is a few hours from the city of São Paulo. We are in Ubatuba, a city that has more than 100 beautiful beaches. At our lodge beach hotel you will be nestled in the Atlantic Forest and only 600 meters from the beach. Whether you are a nature lover, ecotourist or surfer, Itamambuca is the perfect beach.

The Itamambuca beach in Ubatuba is one of the most sought after in the entire coast of São Paulo, Itamambuca has special pieces for each public type:

Itamambuca Family Beach

If you are looking for tranquility, few people on the beach and a quieter sea with a stream that flows into the sea, the best place for you is the left corner of the beach. The left corner of the Itamambuca beach has large trees that provide a natural shade, ideal place for children to play free.


The right corner of the beach of Itamambuca is the most disputed spot on the beach, where the busiest points are concentrated, surf school, bars and national and international surfing championships. Waves with power and constancy make the right corner of the beach of Itamambuca an ideal place for surfing, both for experienced athletes and for those who want to learn to surf.

Equipped with a stunning view that the river meets the sea and the mountains in the background, they make the right corner of the beach of itamambuca one of the most charming and coveted points of Ubatuba, the most beautiful beaches near São Paulo.

Do not know what to do in Ubatuba? Come to the inn Todas as Luas Hotel Beach Lodge, our staff will help you make the most of the natural beauties and activities in our beautiful city.

Ubatuba is inhabited in only 20% of all its territory, being 80% composed by the lush Atlantic forest, that hides beautiful trails, beaches and waterfalls.

We are in the largest and most conserved set of Atlantic forest in the country and in terms of biodiversity the Atlantic Forest is the richest forest in the world, housing an incalculable number of species of Brazilian flora and fauna. There are more than 200 species of birds, some of them are frequently sighted inside the inn.

In Ubatuba there are several activities related to ecotourism, fun, culture, shopping, gastronomy.

  • Diving in Ubatuba
  • Beaches Badaladas de Ubatuba
  • Beaches in Ubatuba
  • Ubatuba Islands
  • Boat Tours (Schooner, Sailboats and motorboats) in Ubatuba
  • Sightseeing
  • Things to Do in Ubatuba
  • The Residency in Chennai
  • The Byke in Matheran
  • Traditional Festivals in Ubatuba
  • Aquarium of Ubatuba
  • Tamar Ubatuba Project
  • Bikes - Montain Bike in Ubatuba - North trail rides (partnership - linking building)
  • Tourism companies in Ubatuba (partnerships - linking building)
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And much more

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